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somebody to keep an eye on him. make sure there's no more trouble. turns out, no one was monitoring him at all. dc kids know him as fonzi the clown, a popular entertainer at children's birthday parties but this woman says her 15th birthday was not a happy occasion. she says family friend el fonzi pittman fondled her. >> he fondled me and i said no, you're not going to do this. >> reporter: the court acquitted pit map. in the case, supporters said all along he's inseptember. seven years later the woman says she is just finished college and is working to put all of this behind her. >> i had missed a whole year just thinking he was coming back to get me. >> reporter: court records show pittman was acquitted of third degree sex offense in 1998. a different acase with another accuser. in 2006 he was convicted of misdemeanor child sex offense in dc. he spent time at a halfway house
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and was sentenced to five years' probation but kept right on working as a clown. turns out the paperwork in that case never made it from the courts to the court services and offenders supervision agency. that's d.c.'s parole and probation office. since pittman never reported for probation and the government never tracked him down no one has been monitoring him. normally a convicted sex offender would have to meet with a parole officer and have his computer activity monitored. in august, pittman was charged again accused of groping a 14-year-old inside his clown and balloon store. >> i'm not angry, i'm upset with the justice system. >> reporter: the judge was upset, too. she wondered aloud if the case could have been prevented. she said "i'm so unhappy. if there's one thing we're supposed do it is to prevent and protect and that has not happened." about an hour after the judge's harsh words, authorities were at pittman's business on kennedy's
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street northwest. they took away computer equipment. in court, the government said the equipment will be searched for evidence such as pornography. that business appear to be open. the judge ordered el fonzi pittman held in jail his his next hearing on october 1st. no one seems to be able to explain exactly what happened to the paperwork. a spokesman for the agency that handles parole in d.c. told me today it is not clear why pittman was not being monitored but he assures me that it will not happen again. >> so beth, the question is, how can they be so sure about this? >> reporter: the system has changed. in 2007, that's the year after fonzi was convicted in d.c., they changed the system. so instead of paperwork being handed over manually, the parole and probation folks now have direct access to that information about who is on probation. so if the person doesn't show up, they know right away beings -- away and they can
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issue a warrant. gunfire near the u.s. capitol. police shot a man after they say he pulled a gun and pointed it at them. investigators don't know why he had a gun and why it was pointed a the them. >> reporter: let me set the scene for you. on the other side of the camera is the capitol building, the rayburn building. right across washington avenue. if you look closely that is third and c. that is where police say a man holding a gun actually pointed the gun at officers and the officers had no other choice but to put the man down. it all happened around 5:00 this morning. for the most part, capitol hill was quiet. the unidentified man was spotted by police near this truck checkpoint along first and independence. the officers could see the man had a gun. as those officers took defensive positions and radioed for help, police say the man fled to the
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south where other officers found him. >> a few moments later, around the same time, at 5 a.m., officers in the area of 2nd and c street in the southwest observed a man who brandished a weapon at officers. >> reporter: we're told that the capitol police officers had no other choice but to fire their weapons when the man raised his gun and pointed it at them. >> they ran for their lives. they opened fire, hitting the man, and he's been transported to a local area hospital. >> reporter: the man was hit three times, says a source. he received graze wounds to his head, chest, and leg. the man's vehicle was taken to a police impound lot where it will be searched for clues. police don't know what the man was up to and they're trying to figure out why he was on capitol hill at such an early hour of the morning. what they do know is the officers acted to protect their lives. when they say the man pointed his gun at them. >> brandishing a weapon at a police officer usually doesn't end well. the officers have to take into
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consideration whether the their lives or those of the people around them are in danger. >> reporter: you can see it's high security all the time no matter if it's 5:00 in the evening or 5:00 in the morning when this took place. we should tell you, that much of capitol hill was closed down just as a precaution, but it was opened up before most of the workers arrived here at 8 or 9:00. one other side note is the officers were able to fire the shots but we are told the suspect wasn't able to get a shot off and we do not know his condition. once again, we do not know who he is. we'll try to find that out. back to you. investigating the murder of a teenage in hayatsville. today the victim's name was released, erwin ramirez, someone shot him in a park on nicholson avenue 7:00 last night. so far no arrests have been made. they were held prisoner inside their own workplace. now, two of the three men taken
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hostage in the discovery communications building are breaking their silence and talking about their frightening ordeal. chris so fer wood and jim mcnulty withheld -- christopher wood and jim mcnulty were held hostage a week ago. >> the second time he made me stand up he said, well, do you have kids? and i'd already lied to him because i was in scheduling an and i didn't think i could keep track of two so i said yes, sir, i have two. why did you have two kids? one wasn't good enough? what's so good about your filthy children. >> and i took a breath and i said they're very kind sir. >> coming up on the news edge at 6, we'll hear much more from the discovery hostages. what they did that may have saved their lives. one day after a gunman shot a doctor at johns hopkins hospital and killed himself and his mother, police are trying to
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figure out why. pardus killed his mother and shot his mother's doctor. we have the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: one day after a triple shooting, you find hints of normalcy here a johns hopkins hospital. >> it's quiet. i think a lot of people want to forget about it, what happened here. just kind of move on with things. >> reporter: just over 24 hours ago, a much different scene was playing out. >> a call in my department and they're all locked in the lounge, apparently is locked down, they can't move. >> reporter: workers apatients in fear for their lives after they hear a gunman is on a rampage. >> he alleged that the doctor paralyzed his mother. >> reporter: dr. david cohen is shot. hours later police find two people dead. the gunman and his 84-year-old mother who was a patient at hopkins. it's ruled a murder/suicide. >> you're not done at the door
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of 873. we have more work to do. >> reporter: that includes reviewing and evaluating the response to this tragedy. it is troubling whether the gunman should have been identified as a threat beforehand. >> he had a handgun permit in virginia but that doesn't extend to maryland. why weighs coming and going from the hospital with a gun. is there anything in his background to suggest that he was a threat to the hospital? >> reporter: paul warren pardus armed himself with a semiautomatic hand gun like this one. >> it does come down to a question of his grief and the care of his mother. that really seems to be the central point of this. >> reporter: a motive police now believe was driven by heart ache
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anger. >> all you can do is move along. >> reporter: life may never be the same following this violent crime scene. he may have lost the democratic primary for d.c. mayor but the city's republican don't want to see him go. with 822 votes, fenty won the republican primary as a write-in candidate but he's not eligible to accept the nomination because he wasn't a member of the party on primary day. fenty released this statement today saying "today's news of the republican nomination is a recognition of the the great progress the city has seen over the last four years. while i'm humbled by the nomination i will not accept t i believe the best days of the district of columbia work ahead and i will work with chairman grey, the democratic nominee, to ensure the progress continues and this belief is realized." michelle reed is clarifying her remarks after primary day. she called the potential effects of the election devastating. in a letter to the washington
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post reed says i want to be very clear in using this word i was not criticising chairman grey i was describing the perception by some that this election had been a referendum on reform of dc schools itself. a break through to save the 373 miners trapped underground. and the trip to u.s. interrupted. suspects accused of a terror plot. the latest from london coming up next. vehicular mayhem on f street. two men are taken to the hospital. the question is, will this weather continue through our weekend? we'll have a first look at your forecast, coming up. thank you, gary. keep it right here, fox5 news at five is just getting started.
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. a tragic story unfolding in silver spring tonight. a baby choked to death by the cord on a window blinds, an adult in the house at the same
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time. we have live with the warning every parent needs to hear tonight. >> reporter: this all unfolded just before noon today in this apartment just behind me here in silver springs. it was a 17-month-old baby boy who was being baby sat by a family member. the family member put the child in a crib for a nap and that's when this happened. let's show you the window we're talking about and the kind of blind. this toddler was able to climb out of the crib and get over to the window where there is a vertical blind with a chain connected to it and somehow that child gotten tangled in that chain thereby choking. by the time the family member found on and calld to take him e hospitals but it was too late this baby did not survive. there are investigators here from homicide and both child protective services but we're told at this point in time it appears to be a tragic occurrence, not any evidence of foul play. in the meantime, it does serve
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as a strong reminder to parents that if you have these kinds of blinds and they are very common, that you should keep the cords out of reach of the children or have some safety attachment to them. the best advice the consumer product and safety commission says is to have window coverings that are cordless. this should serve as a tragic reminder to parents here tonight. >> we've heard it before and it does serve as a reminder. thanks very much. fox 5 is following breaking news right now. a potential tleft to pope benedict 16th during his trip to britain. the pope has been informed of 9 arrests. vatican officials say the pope is quiet and calm and plans to stick to his schedule. >> the miss has already said that the formation that they have until now collected that
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there is no need to change the problem of the pope and the security. >> according to police, terrorism detectives are searching the palace where the pope is scheduled to meet with the archbishop of canterbury. more charges are coming from serial stabbing suspect elias abuelazam. miss say he's responsible for a -- police say he's responsible for a series attacks in michigan. right now abuelazam is charged with one attack. following the developing story, those miners trapped in chile. rescuers made a key break through tonight reaching the caverns where they are trapped with a borehole. the hole will be widened to 26 inches which is enough to pull them out. the work could take months and that will require the miners to
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haul away the tons of debris. a final seal on the blow out well in the guchl could happen by sunday. the next stuff to is seal the well from the bottom of the april blast sank the rig and triggered the spill that eventually spilled 206 million gallons of oil from the well. . wicked weather slammed new york city pulling down trees and power lines. one woman died when a tree crushed her car in queens. the storm caught the city offguard, snarling traffic and people were waiting hours to get home last night. we have more on all of damage. >> reporter: new yorkers are bewildered by what just hit their neighborhoods. >> trees, trees, trees. >> it was just like a giant human car wash. everything started spinning. >> reporter: a strong storm packing winds up to 100 miles an hour blew through thursday night.
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>> i had rocks coming in from outside in my window and i live 8 flights up. >> never saw this before. we live on the 11th floor, and we saw that coming. it was terrible. >> reporter: commuters trying to take the train through penn station were out of luck. this guy was one of many who just stretched out on the floor. rush hour turned into a mess and traffic backed up for miles with debris blocking major thoroughfares. >> we had to walk a long way home. >> everyone is driving on the sidewalk, trees all over, crazy. >> reporter: 30,000 customers were without power at the height of the storm. the national weather service plans to assess the damage today to determine whether a tornado touched down in the metro area. . meantime back here at home, thank goodness, we didn't have, you know, crazy weather like, you know, that we saw up there in new york but we did have rain yesterday. >> a lot of rain that we needed badly. and gary mcgrady is here to tell
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us what we can expect tonight. >> we need more. not enough out there last night. there was a little tornado reported up there yesterday up around trenton, that's what i've seen come back from the assessment team from the national weather service up there. the tornado, let me tell you, was not the problem. or any other tornados that they had. straight line winds in excess of 90 miles per hour and that's primarily i think what did most of the destruction up there. back here at home, though, so so nice out there today. we have a mixture of clouds and sun and temperatures have stayed for just about all of us in the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. here's trueview. want to show you that most of this cloud cover was pushed out of the south and east of us, we'll still have some of this fair weather cloudiness for the next couple of hours. but once the sun sets out there tonight, it is going to be very, very nice. and the temperatures will be getting comfortable, too. 75 or so at 7:00 and then we're down into the upper 60s later on. and it looks like overnight
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tonight and early tomorrow morning, 50s for the suburbs. the weekend, no changes. looks good. a full forecast, coming up. weekend traffic alert to warn you about. the chain bridge will be closed starting tonight at 8:00 until monday at 8 a.m. that means there will be no access to the bridge from either the destruct of columbia or arlington, which includes cyclists and pedestrians. the south capitol street bridge will also be closed from 11 tonight until 5 monday morning. a young local cancer survivor is helping raise $100,000 to help other children. 8-year-old amanda from gaithersburg joined tony the tiger and friends to introduce a brand new cereal box. she's featured on the designed box of frosted flakes. kel ogs will be donated $4 -- kellogg's will be donating $4 for every box sold. >> i'm glad that the money goes
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to the hospitals. >> you can buy those boxes of cereal at food lion, bloom, and family dollar stores. they're on sale right now. as if you need an excuse to down an extra cup of coffee. >> tonight doctors say your favorite morning fix could prevent that debilitating disease, that's next. if you're planning to travel for the holidays, the clock is ticking. everything you need to know before you book, coming up in 30 minutes.
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 . well, you can say it's a kine colder weather is on the way. this is the flu shot clinic in maryland. the clinic was open for a few hours at the health department today. exercise can help you stay healthy but a new study finds it is not a high priority for americans. researchers at the pentington biomedical research center find 5% of americans do any sort of vigorous exercise, that includes
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running, biking, or aerobics. 80% of those surveyed watch television or go to the movies. the study can help scientists understand how americans are change their habits. new research for children with attention deficit di order. some doctors give antipsychotic medications along with stimulant drugs to control the outbursts. stimulants like ritalin might be enough. the findings will be in the october issue of paediatrics. turns out your morning cup of coffee is packing more than a caffeine jolt. a few cups a day offer many years cuts the risk of gout in older women in half. post menopausal woman had a 50% lower risk of developing the condition. gout is extremely painful. experts aren't sure what it is
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about the coffee that sends off gout and they are issuing a warning that too much caffeine can cause high blood pressure. disturbing new developments in the case of a seattle woman burned with acid. >> admission from the woman herself. you don't want to miss this twist, coming up. and a brutal beatdown caught on police dashcam. major changes are coming to this police department. we're breaking it down when fox5 news at fix continues. 
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. a medical emergency may have caused a violent car crash in the district this afternoon. two people were seriously hurt. the accident happened on s street in northwest. john hanrahan has the details. >> reporter: the vic lar mayhem on s street started this afternoon when a driver of a
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minivan rounded the corner from third street and struck a taxi driver who appeared to be getting out of his parked cab. the door of the taxi cab was damaged in the crash and the driver was lying in the middle of the street badly hurt according to witnesses. >> foetal position on the road, we ran to him, and he started to kind of move a little bit, and moaning a little bit, and we were all trying to ask him to stay with us. >> reporter: emergency personnel arrived in just over three minutes and they called for backup because the minivan had also smashed into a parked car driving at about 25 feet down s street and on to a sidewalk. then the minivan crossed the road, slammed into a brick wall, and plowed into a metal sign holder. the driver appeared to be having a seizure. >> foam coming from his mouth, eyes rolling back, he was shaking. and so they were still trying to move him and trying to get him out of the car and i said stop
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because i have cpr background and stuff and i said leave him, don't touch him right now. >> reporter: an arriving paramedic crawled into the minivan to begin treating the man while firefighters cut away the side of the vehicle so the patient could be taken away. we don't know whether the apparent seizure suffered by the driver of the van was caused by the multiple impacts here or the seizure occurred before and perhaps caused the whole accident. the taxi driver and the driver of the minivan were transported to local hospitals, say officials, with injuries they described as life threatening. john henrehan, fox5 fox5 news. dallas police chief making changes after officers are caught on camera beating up a suspect. andrew cullins was beaten by two officers with batons and fists. three officers had contact with the victim while on the ground. the chief is getting rid of one
5:32 pm
of the officers and shifting positions which will mean more experienced officers on the streets. >> what that means is, we'll have experienced managers and upper level managers in control during peak hours while young officers are working and i think that's important so that we can continue to move forward as an organization preventing any incident like this from occurring in the future. >> meanwhile, an internal investigation on the beating is still underway. a stunning confession from a woman who gained worldwide sympathy when she claimed her face was badly burned during an acid attack. now she's admitting to washington state police that she faked the whole thing, even fooling her own mother with the story. we have more on this acid hoax. >> reporter: she appeared in front of the press, heavily fragile with her
5:33 pm
family by herself. bethany storro said she refused to be a victim. >> i can't let what she did to me wreck my life, you know. that's not fair. >> reporter: storro suffered severe burns on august 30th, changing the appearance of her face. her mother shared details of the alleged attack the day after. >> a woman approached her and said, hey pretty girl, and she turned around, and the woman said, would you like to drink this. >> reporter: but the story the 28-year-old told police didn't quite check out. police logged hundreds of hours on the case, yet couldn't find the attacker storro described. >> she was african american and she had black hair pulled back into a pigtail. >> reporter: the acid patterns were more consistent with the liquid being poured or rubbed rather than splashed. investigators searched her home on thursday and storro fessed up. >> ms. storro admitted that her injuries were self-inflicted.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: those detectives say her lie spiralled out of control. >> she is extremely upset. she's very remorseful in many ways this is something that just got bigger than what she expected. >> reporter: alison seymour, fox 5 news. >> vancouver police it's possible they'll charge the woman with filing a false police report. president obama announced his choice to lead a brand new u.s. consumer watch dog agency. the move comes as congress debates how best to grow the economy and get people back to work. jennifer davis has the story. >> reporter: president obama introduces the nation to his long-time friend, harvard professor elizabeth warren. he says she'll be a fierce advocate for all americans especially the middle class. >> the consumer financial protection bureau will be a watch dog for the american consumer. >> reporter: critics object to the fact that warren's being
5:35 pm
appoint the as the presidential advisor which by passes the senate confirmation process. others say like this administration, she's too tough on business. >> never before has federal policy been so hostile to small business. on the very businesses that we count on to help grow us out of recessions. >> reporter: the other big washington debate, what to do about tax cuts set to expire at end of the year. >> i am urging the leaders of the other party to stop holding middle class tax cuts hostage and extend this relief to families immediately. >> reporter: but as newly released figures so consumer confidence unexpectedly worsened in september to its weakest level in a year, the g.o.p. is arguing that all americans, including the wealthy, need tax cuts extended in this fragile economy. >> in the worst economy in 25 years, congress must act immediately to ensure that no american sees a tax increase. >> reporter: there's even disagreement within the parties
5:36 pm
on this issue. 31 house democrats sent a letter to the speaker saying they support continuing tax cuts for everyone while a group of g.o.p. senators is floating the idea of compromising on a two year extension. . the custody battle between mel gibson and his ex-girlfriend is far from over. >> now she's taking her case back to court. will a key witness be allowed to testify? tmz working this one live in los angeles. and severe flooding left a nation tal landmark in ruins. we're getting a sneak peek inside. how close is nashville's opry land to opening sth we have the scoop, next. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
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now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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. well, we all know the dangers of texting behind the wheel. this morning, a rally in the
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district to remind drivers to turn off their cell phones before they get on the road. hundreds of people gathered on freedom plaza for national 2 second turnoff day. taking your eyes off the road for 2 seconds doubles your chances of getting into a car crash. severe flooding back in may swamped the opry land hotel and now for the first time the nashville landmark is opening its doors for a sneak peek at ren vaess. the $175 million overhaul is nearly finished. during the height of the flood water watts eight feet deep inside the lobby. hundreds of construction workers have been putting in long hours to repair the damage. opry land says most of the employees laid off while the hotel has been closed will return to work. >> this flood has brought our company together, has brought our stars together. and a great sense of community, and we know when we reopen the hotel, it's going to really knock the socks of our guests.
5:41 pm
>> the opry land hotel is set to reopen november 15th. we had wet weather here, nothing like that, but no wet weather in sight right now. >> how is the weekend shaping up? gary is putting the finishing touches on your five-day forecast, he's coming up, next. t
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. with many families cutting back to save money, cheaper evenings are replacing high priced dinners. and now chefs are expanding their menus. an old favorite making a comeback with an all new taste. the nation struggles to dig out from the great recession it's likely working up a huge appetite but with money in short supply the days of the steak dinners could be a thing of the past. that's good news for the mighty hamburger. >> i think with the economy the way it is now, honestly i think there's more room for profit at a burger restaurant than in a steak house right now.
5:45 pm
>> not just any burger. gourmet chefs are pulling out all the stops when creating the next big thing. triple jalapeno burger, anyone? >> vegas was overstocked with the traditional gourmet three course meal set restaurant with the recession everybody has dialled it back. a lot of restaurants here now have cafe menus, they now have early bird specials, and the public is responding to that. >> reporter: and that's making for demand at harris casino. >> i did iron chef and it was the main ingredient on the show and i did the ultimate hamburger. we got awards and harris called me and asked me to do a burger bar. >> reporter: it's no wonder
5:46 pm
they're popping up all along the vegas strip. >> now that i'm hungry. >> yeah. >> not exactly for a fried egg on a hamburger. >> not exactly, no. >> i like a good turkey burger. >> going to be nice outside tonight? >> yeah, going to be. >> any plans? >> none, unless you're treating. >> i brought myu. you know, the budget and all. see if we can find a big burger bar. there's already some snow in mixture on the radar out there. >> get out of here. >> not around here, but it's there. >> antarctica. >> no, up in the northern -- i'll show you. stay tuned. i'm going to make a point of talking about that. very nice today out there. temperatures have been responding nicely this afternoon. we had some fair weather clouds at times today. we've been mostly cloudy. but it's not too terribly bad out there right now and plenty of sunshine this evening.
5:47 pm
and you see the temperatures are warming up and for some reason on our computer here the temperatures aren't coming up. there they are right there. they just popped in. 81 degrees for the city. that's the warmest point so far. gaithersburg cooler at 73 degrees. frederick 75. fredericksburg 82. folks along i-81 with the exception of winchester in the 70s. not sure where winchester's temperature is right now. maybe it will pop in here in a second. not going to. let's move along. the forecast for this evening as laurel was hinting at very, very nice to dine outdoors this even or just about any plans you have nor later on. should be real, real good. the winds have been gusting this afternoon. gusting up to 20 to 25 miles an hour. they will be calming down over the next couple of hours, so basically winds about 5 to 10 miles an hour. just some fair skies through the evening. temperatures in the middle 70s at 7:00, in the upper 60s hart
5:48 pm
on. overnight tonight, we are -- upper 60s later on. showers last night and the showers moving harmlessly off to the east and north, cleaning up there in and around queens and brooklyn and trenton, new jersey, where they found out there was a tornado up there. straight line winds, awful mess up there tonight. here we are, back side, winds coming out of the north, and northwest a little gusty but fair weather clouds behind the frontal system, too. speaking of snow and a little bit of a mixture just to show you that we are beginning to make the change here through montana you can see the changeover. that's the pink and the white, especially in the upper elevations there they've had some snow. that's a long way away from us, i hope. there is some cooler air up into canada and we will begin to reach in and tap some of this cooler air as we get into monday and tuesday of next week. but then we're going to warm up just right back up into the middle 80s for the middle part
5:49 pm
of next week. listen, major hurricane karl made landfall late this afternoon just north of veracruz mexico. this is the strongest hurricane every reported down here in the southern gulf of mexico. technically the bay of kampichi. good news here, if there is any, that the impact, the highest winds stayed just a little bit north of veracruz. matter, vara cruz, generally in the lower 140 mile an hour range. so the impact of the winds has stayed north and it was weakening as it made its john shore move into southern mexico late this afternoon. again, though, the storm surge, 12 to 15 feet with this major hurricane making land fall. in terms of karl, it's weakened
5:50 pm
substantially, moving into the upper elevations of mexico. winds are down to 90 miles an hour. again, continuing to move to the west and it will break up over the mountains of mexico. a lot of rain, anywhere between 15, maybe some locations 20 inches of rain with karl as it moves on through. it could potentially reemerge out in the pacific and get wound up again. it would be renamed, though, if that happens. good for us tomorrow. lots of sunshine, temperatures are start in the lower 60s, 50s in the suburbs, so even with the sunshine on the cool side tomorrow morning. noon will be about 75 degrees, and wonderful tomorrow afternoon. i think a nearly perfect day. warm and sunny. high pressure will be right on top of us so that's going to be very, very nice for us. sunday, not too bad, either. warmer, 84 degrees. a few high clouds come in late in the day on sunday, but it still looks very, very nice. we cool down on monday. 80 degrees, and then we start a
5:51 pm
gradual warmup tuesday and wednesday, back up into the middle 80s. the houston texans are coming to town. kick-off at 4:00 on sunday. very, very nice, temperature right about 84 degrees for kick-off. so warm at fedex but dry and sunny nonetheless and it will cool down into the 70s by the end of the day. >> thanks, gary. we want to invite you to help us keep the action going. cast your vote in the high school football game of the week, the nominees up on our website. go to tell us where you think we should be next friday. this week we're launching a new way to vote. you can text the name of the school of your choice to 55171. that simple, and beware, regular text messaging rates apply. a documentary film called "i'm still here" shows how phoenix joekin phoenix is back.
5:52 pm
his brother-in-law says none of it was true. phoenix grew his hair long, made a strange appearance on david letterman, you probably remember that. affleck went as far as faking home movies of phoenix as a child. he says he did not try to trick anyone. he was actually engaging in gonzo film making and it was the "performance of a lifetime". >> gonzo film making, interesting. good no know he wasn't -- good to know he wasn't a total -- weird on that letterman. the talk of the town, day in court for gibson's ex. here's what happened today. >> reporter: well, basically oksana showed up and they switched out lawyers. she has a huge lawyer out here. he is representing frank mccourt who is the owner of the dodgers and now he's representing oksana, dealt with britney spears in the past. probably the best person to have
5:53 pm
on her team at this moment. so that's what they did today. walked in, switched lawyers, walked back out. >> late breaking news this afternoon on actress lindsay lohan. she failed a drug test? >> this is a big deal. if she fails one of these random drug tests she'll face 30 days behind bars. once again our sources saying it was cocaine that was found in her system. obviously this is all breaking at the moment so we're trying to find out more information. we've called out to her people, her people are saying, no, no, she didn't fail. but we do know for sure the test did come back as a positive for drugs. >> we'll see what's going on, see you guys here at 6:30 for tmz on tv. daily show host jon stewart is planning a rally. it's a rally to restore sanity. and the rally will be held october 30th. hot on the heels of the
5:54 pm
restoring honor rally led by glenn beck. let's go to brian for a look at what's next. >> two discovery hostages share their horrifying ordeal with fox 5. >> i didn't know this guy. i just knew that he had pointed a gun at me and said he had a bomb and threatened to kill me. >> tonight, two of the three hostages open up about what was going through their minds as they were held for hours by a deranged gunman. natalie holoway's mother claims she confronted van der sloot in prison. oh authorities aren't sure on that. an embarrassing phone call. 
5:55 pm
 words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work.
5:56 pm
and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense. i know people are wondering-- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
5:57 pm
. if you're planning to get away for the holidays, book your travel now. >> we have details on getting
5:58 pm
the best deals for your money. >> reporter: the golden rule of booking flights for the holidays is to book early. if you see a good deal, pounce on it. for thanksgiving, now is the time to lock in the low air fare, and for christmas travel, experts recommend booking by early october. >> if you're flying during christmas, i suggest you go the week before christmas, go spend the weekend, spend the holiday, christmas with your family, and try to be back before new year's. >> reporter: don't limit yourself to major airports. you may find that secondary airports are cheaper to fly to than the larger international ones. if you're not going home for the holidays, be flexible with your destinations. some websites are offering deals to cancun. >> 7 nights still looking at under a thousand dollars for seven days, four star hotel, per couple.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: travelers should also watch out for those peak holiday surcharges that came into effect last year. many major airlines add the extra charge for traveling on specific days that include the sunday after thanksgiving and the days clustered around christmas. and you may want to consider traveling on the holidays themselves. when everyone is already sipping egg nog on making last minute preparations for a dinner feast. cheaper fares could be yours for the taking. . >> i have done that traveling on the holiday. it's not a breeze. >> not as crowded. >> not as crowded, everybody is delightful, not a problem. >> we'll take it. >> thanks for joining us tonight at five. >> the news edge at six starts now. . he kept saying it was

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